Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't I see a pledge associated with my account?

If you registered a different email at and here at the pledge manager, the system won't automatically associate your pledge money with your pledge manager account. There are lots of reasons this may happen: For example, sometimes a user may think it's the same email address, but they forgot about a forwarding system they set up a while ago, or they signed up at Kickstarter with a Facebook account registered to some ancient email.
If you log in and see something about a pledge in the top right of the website, you're all set.
If that slot says that "No pledge remains", that means you've already spent it. Check your order history here.
If you realize that you registered at our pledge manager with a different email address than your kickstarter email, there's no penalty for simply registering a new account here at the pledge manager to match your pledge.
If you're absolutely, positively sure you registered the same email address in both places, and your pledge still refuses to show up in the pledge manager, please email us at We'll try to get your pledge associated with your account.

Why are all the prices are more expensive than they were at Kickstarter?

The system hasn't automatically found your pledge for the reasons mentioned above. Late backers can still get in on the deals, but they don't recieve the same prices as if they had been a backer during the original campaign.

Why do I see some of these miniatures for sale already on your website

Most of our existing miniatures are produced in metal, and many of the miniatures here are drawn from those product lines. This Bones Kickstarter is designed to produce both existing and new miniatures in plastic. The models pictured in the Kickstarter are the models you will receive in Bones plastic.

What size are the figures?

Unless otherwise noted, our miniatures are in a 28mm scale. Where possible we will include a graphic of a knight titled "Knight for Scale Not Included." This human sized knight shows approximate size perspective.

If I pledge $1 can I still get a core set?

Sure, but we recommend pledging in the Kickstarter as much as you can because the more you put in the more it helps unlock goals for everyone, but do what you can when you can. You will be able to add to your pledge after the fact for several months as well using this Pledge Manager website.

Where can I download those maps?

Why regsiter an address?

If we don't know what country you're in, we can't give you a shipping or tax calculation.

Why Tax ID?

Some countries require a national Tax ID (Norway) or a passport number (Russia) to import consumer goods over a certain value to customers.
If youre in one of these countries, please provide the relevant information in order to get your rewards to you more efficiently. If you're not in one of these countries, you can happily disregard this field.
Our guidance for Norwegian customers comes from this page from